Sexual Snark in Social Media Sites

I see a number of obviously married women (and some men) who post the kind of immature sexual-innuendo-laden silliness posts that if their spouses could read their posts, it would never have been posted. Of course if both spouses have an account and they can laugh about it, that's different. But I bet in a lot of cases these are just people who are unhappy in their marriages and are using G+ as a kind of sexual escape from that. The ones who have happy marriages you usually don't see doing this because they are busy enjoying the company of their spouse. I note this as a person who was once happily married and is now single.

I don't want to speak in absolutes, but you can see this kind of stuff and i find it a little annoying, especially from married women. There are even these "eCard" sites that seem to capitalize on this quasi-sexual snarkyness. I must see a half dozen people i follow doing this, primarily women. If you are bored  and don’t have social contact at an office, I can see where this might be acceptable.

The litmus test is this: If you (a married person) post something sexually snarky like that, ask yourself if your spouse would approve. If the answer is no, you're probably using the behavior as some sort of sexual escape into a fantasy world of your own making and it's unlikely to be productive for your marriage. All it does is cheapen you. And I see people who do this repeatedly.  If it's "boys will be boys" or "girls will be girls" type of snark and you are single or functionally separated, I'm fine with that and I do it myself. But then, I am not married. If I were, my spouse would be online participating with me and my content would almost undoubtedly be different.

To summarize, marriage is a contract of trust and respect for each other. If one cannot meet the requirements of this contract, one is free to become unmarried at any time and do as they please.