Good Bye

I still think about you.
I feel badly about how things
didn't work out for us.
But - it wasn't my fault, and
I no longer dwell on it.
You were the one who lied,
and cheated, and betrayed.
You were the dishonest one.
At one point you told me that I was
the only one you were interested in.
But sadly, you lied.
I've cut you off forever
because of that and
I still believe it was
the right decision for me.
There is no room
in my life for
untrustworthy,hypocritical people.
You cannot come back -
You will have to live with
youself, your dishonesty,
and reconcile your betrayal
of my love and my trust.
You lied to me, to your husband,
and to yourself.
I wish you well, but Good-Bye.


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