MS AntiSpyware Beta Available

How to Remove Spyware from your Computer - and the price looks good!

As discussed recently, with Microsoft's acquisition of Giant Software, they have now made available the first BETA which keeps all the original features of the Giant product.

Its available here.

Even though my machine already has loads of Anti-spware stuff installed and I run it regularly, the new Microsoft product didn't seem to have any problem finding bad stuff that the other guys missed:

BTW, the Intelligent Quick Scan found all the bad guys that the Deep Scan found, but is hugely faster.

This thing is schedulable and has a number of other attractive options. But - most importantly, it found stuff that other programs could not find. I would have to give this one some high marks, especially since it's marked as a BETA.

As Ann Coulter so eloquently put it, "For some people, history began ten minutes ago."