Vigilantes Attack Scam sites. Did they call in the Lone Ranger?

CNET Reports on Vigilante attacks on bank "419" scammers and the ISPs that host their sites. These are the scum who perpetrate fake bank deposit scams - you've undoubtedly gotten email from them.

The 419 Flash Mob is attempting to recruit as many people as possible to launch denial-of-service attacks on spammers' bandwidth and report them to their Web hosts and to legal authorities. The Web site provides contact details of computer crime units in seven countries.

Web sites with the following banks names are being attacked: Abbey Trust & Offshore Bank; First Global Trust; Allied Trust Bank UK (which is listed twice because two separate Web sites use this name); Crystal Bonds & Securities; Kash Bank Corp.; Liberty Stronghold Securities and Finance; and BBVA Finance & Clearinghouse.

I kinda like this type of Internet vigilante-ism. Kind of smacks of the Old West, where the Lone Ranger and Tonto had to take the law to the bad guys. Hell, I'd lend some of my bandwidth to see those bastards wiped out.