Quotations Page and RSS Feed Up!

Over the last few years, I"ve built up a database of quotations from famous and some not so famous entities, built from a variety of sources (yup - even Dexter Dotnetsky is in there!). My database now has over 43,000 quotations from nearly 8,000 authors organized by over 1,300 subjects. Up until now, I really haven't done anything with it but now that ASP.NET 2.0 is coming and I have my ASP.NET 2.0 "playground" site , myidentityplus.com, I've got a neat place to put my experiments.

I have a random "Quote of the Day", which is available as an RSS Feed as well, and you can search the database by Author, Subject, or even by a word or phrase to be found within the quotation body. This page is written in ASP.NET 2.0. There is also a link to submit a quote for consideration in the database.

You can Check out the quotations page here:

It doesn't have a MasterPage yet but everything seems to be working correctly, so try it out. The Daily Quotation feed item changes every 24 hours.

My next offering will be my FeedSearchGator or GatorSearchFeed? or maybe SearchFeedGator (Well, maybe something else!) - an engine that takes your search query and aggregates it over 8 to 10 RSS search engines, returning you a single feed with no duplicate links! Look for that one soon. Probably gonna have to put some ads in that one cause I know it will suck bandwidth big time!