When this came out, I was . . .

Tonite we watched Divorce, Italian Style, Pietro Germi's hilarious 1961 satire of Italian marital conventions that recently was issued on DVD. Ferdinando Cefalu, a handsome Sicilian nobleman (Marcello Mastroianni), longs to marry his beautiful young cousin Angela. There's only one problem: he's already married, and at that time you could not get a divorce in Italy. Living in a society that forgives crimes of passion, Ferdinando devises a plan. He plots to prove his wife an adulteress, after which he can kill her and marry his cousin with impunity. As one would expect, there are twists and turns, and a surprise ending.

I swear, even though you are reading the English subtitles and listening to the Italian- only audio, you do not even notice that this movie is (gasp!) in black and white!

Hollywood, what happened? You used to be able to put out movies of this quality. Too bad.