Podcasting For Dummies 101

OK so podcasting is supposed to be the next big thing, right? This is about 95% of it:

<enclosure url="http://yourserver.com/download/coolvideo.wmv" length="131" type="video/x-ms-wmv" />

the enclosure element in the RSS item has 3 parts; URL, Length, and type (MIME type). That's it!

Your feedReader simply looks for an enclosure element, parses it, perhaps checking it against a hashtable of stuff that's already been downloaded (so you don't download it over and over) and you pretty much got it.

You decide where you want to save it, and with what player you want to play it, and how to display the play feature ("play" button, whatever). You could even render a Windows Media object player tag with the URL to the resource if you wanted to be really cool.

Now you watch. This is only a couple months old. Some dood from Maladaptive Pathetic or whatever will give it a newer, even different buzzword name, and start giving seminars and summits about it.

My Aunt Minnie will get suckered into spending 500 bucks for some seminar and end up having WMVs of her apartment in Queens on her blog. Podcasting, Schmodcasting!