Sql Server Resources - SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 is coming shortly (November 7, to be exact). Are you ready?

I was reading up in my Feedreader on some new resources and one that came up was Gert Drapers, SQL Server guru extraordinaire. I've already UnBlogged about Gert based on what I learned from his Tech-Ed 2004 presentation here (boy I liked San Diego and that super geeky W Hotel).

Turns out that Mr. Drapers has a web site where he features lots more resources. Good reading.

You can also check out a recent interview with Drapers from PASS here.

There are experts, and then there are gurus. The gurus are the guys that you hike through the mountains for 20 years just to ask them the meaning of life. Gert Drapers is one.

BTW, If you do and he tells you that "Life is a fountain", umm.... don't mention my name.