Tech-Ed Orlando MVP Session

Just got back from the Peabody Hotel where I met up with MVP luminaries such as Daniel Cazzulino, Ingo Rammer, Victor Garcia Aprea, DonXML, Billy Hollis and members of the various Microsoft developer evangelist teams. Sean O'Driscoll gave a nice presentation, there will be a new MVP logo out on June 14, and I had a chance for a nice chat with our C# MVP lead, Rafael Munoz.

Daniel and Victor are busy working on the PAG (Platform Architecture Guidance) group, putting out some amazing new things.

DonXML, I and Cory Smith were having a fun discussion about Visual Basic. Don said whenever he has to write code in VB.NET, the first thing he does is remove any references to the Visual Basic namespaces, and that his VB.NET code looks like C#. I found that particularly amusing.