Visual Studio.NET 2005: Got a Bug? Get Crackin' !!!

You are getting into the "home stretch" for Visual Studio.NET 2005 Release on Nov. 7.

So, if you think you found a bug, go to the product feedback center and put it in!

I've submitted a number of them since the site was started, and I can tell you from personal experience that the kind folks in Redmond are VERY INTERESTED and you will get quick feedback - plus access to published / submitted workarounds if they apply.

This is going to be a nerdalicious release, help make it the best it can be.

Weird Science:

It only takes one brain cell to recognize a Hollywood celebrity, according to a study into how the human mind recalls a familiar face.

Scientists have shown that the faces of stars such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt can each stimulate a nerve cell in the brain which seems to recognize that face alone.

Of course, to recognize things like your Significant other, or Mother in Law, much more complex interactions of thousands of brain cells is required. Fortunately, I've lost most of those cells so I can have more fun focusing on Halle Berry...

419 Vigilantes Redux

This morning on way to work I hear a short piece about some 419 "Baiters" who are beating the low-life Nigerian Bank Scammers at their own game. IMHO This is an exception and a noble cause, especially in light of the fact that the FBI et al have 419'ers low on their priority list. These people are baiting the scammers at their own game and making them burn up their resources until they have nothing left.

If you support these guys and add Microsoft Anti-Spyware plus McAfee Viruscan Enterprise, you can almost have a life again.