New ATLAS framework bits, Google Blog Search, and VS.NET 2005 Uninstall Tools

Not much else needed to say about this except here's the link!

It's been almost 2 1/2 years since Google picked up Pyra Labs, (Blogger publishing service), and Google has been promising blog search since. Google web search has allowed you to limit results to blog file types such as RSS and XML in web search results, they haven't offered a specialized tool to gather purely blog posts.

Now that's changed. Google's new beta service is available both at google.com/blogsearch and search.blogger.com. Google blog search scans content posted to blogs and feeds in virtual real-time.

Here's a sample search for "Peter Bromberg's UnBlog" in rss format, that you can actually plug into your feed reader. And, here is the same search in regular HTML format.

I've already added this as a new "engine" in our eggheadcafe.com RSS multisearch app, that now searches up to 20 different engines simultaneously on a threadpool, removes duplicate links, and presents the results. Results of recent searches are cached, and are available in the "Recent Searches" link in a page-able DataGrid of links.

Finally, Aaron Stebner, who authors the "Build Uninstall" tools for VS.NET 2005, informs that the newest version is available AND there is a "Find it and Fix it" tool as well for those of us who may have a botched uninstall. (Geez! That never happens to me...).

Here's the link to Aaron's post.