On Comment Spam - Here's the deal:

Peter Bromberg's UnBlog is my personal journal. It is not sponsored by, hosted by or related to Microsoft, my employer, or anybody else but me.

I alone am responsible for the content on this journal. Most of my posts here revolve around my profession, which is that of being a professional sofware developer. I post technical and other helpful information,sometimes including my opinions, and other comments about unrelated topics such as politics or world affairs whenever I deem it appropriate to the times.

I encourage responsible comments here, regardless of whether they agree with my opinions or not. I do not censor comments, even though a few could be considered by any respectful human being to be particularly insensitive and vulgar.

Some of my recent posts, for some reason, seem to have been attracting Comment Spam. This is typically promulgated by people who make UnBlog comments here that really have very little to do with the subject of my post.

Sometimes, they are comments that say something like "Your blog is great, you write so well, and here's more information about XYZ" -- and they have a link to some completely unrelated website or weblog. Some of these are undoubtedly automated, so I've turned on CAPTCHA verification to help preserve the contextual quality of the content for readers and visitors. Please accept my apology for this inconvenience for the privilege of being able to make a legitimate comment here.

Occasionally, people will post a comment to espouse some religious or political view that is completely unrelated to the topic of the post. That's spam.

My advice? Don't waste your time and your keystrokes. Such comments will be deleted quickly.

If you have something constructive to say or have an opinion related to the subject of a post here, whether you agree with my opinion or otherwise, please feel encouraged to post it for all to see. If you want to call me a "right wing American retard", I doubt it could add much constructive value to a post topic, and I suspect it would be more a reflection on the person making the comment than on me, but I would not delete the comment.

Free Speech is so basic to our American way of life. But, that doesn't include SPAM, at least not here.