Visual Studio.NET 2005 August CTP Installation Issues

I have a new article on eggheadcafe.com which details some of the basics of how to successfully uninstall older CTP's and BETA versions of Visual Studio.NET 2005, and to install the newest version which has the final .NET Framework version build number (the same as will be in RTM) .

The only issue I still have, which has been submitted to the LadyBug Product Feedback Center site is that the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration Control Panel applet for .NET Framework 2.0 fails with a "Snapin failed to initialize" error dialog. This is on Window Server 2003 64-bit x64 platform only.

I have some ideas why this is happening, but I want to nail it down fast since I need to play around with gotdotnet workspaces configurations for their Windows Forms User Control for source control. Otherwise, I'm stuck with that crappy HTML interface (not to mention the frequent gotdotnet.com "outages", but that's another story).

So, if you are familiar with this, have a fix, or some other info, feel free to post a comment.

N.B. "Thanks for reporting this bug. We've found it and fixed it, and it will be out in the next Partner CTP drop or in the released bits"

How nice. Not a hint of a workaround. I hate Caspol, but I guess that's the last resort.