Of iGovernment by Crony, and iBlogs

William Safire, in his inimitable concise style, writes in his weekly Times Magazine column from this Sunday about "When was the lowercase i before an uppercase anything born, and what did it stand for?"

He goes on to record that the first "i-product was the iMAc in 1998." This led to the iBook, followed by Apple's iPhoto, iTunes and of course the iPod. The meaning of i went beyond Internet, to be taken as "individual", "integrated", "interactive", or "what I want when I want it". Other companies jumped in. A furniture company calls its massage chair "iJoy".

So keep on the lookout for the iBlogs. I'm sure they are coming. Mine shall remain an "UnBlog", which means, very simply, that it isn't one.

Now of course since Miers has gone to the wolves, devoured by both Democrats and Republicans alike, we are presented with Alito, which suggests, as Safire laments, that it's back to "Government by Crony" (or perhaps, "iGovernment?"). But the fight brewing (and it will be a big one) isn't about judicial philosophy, experience, or whether you are Conservative or Liberal. What it's about is ABORTION.

And that's too bad, because it's a very minor facet of the big picture. The Supreme Court has already long since made its views known on the subject, and the Conservative "base" is attempting a stab at revisionist history. Conservatives bitch a lot about "left wing judicial activists". Since when is attempting to sway the Supreme Court to the right for the sole purpose of overturning Roe v. Wade not "right wing judicial activism"?

It's filibuster time again. Another nasty way to waste our tax dollars instead of having a hearing and voting up or down, which is what I thought we are paying Congress to do.