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How many times have you run across this, usually by some component vendor?

Is there any way for C# to be anything BUT "Pure"? What the fyook is the point of this?

Rest my case. More later!

Google Code

Google Code is google's new twist on Sourceforge.net and it looks promising. At first blush, after only a week, there are already 89 projects just under the "C-Sharp" Section.

I checked out one using Tortoise SVN with little trouble, and I just added the Ankh SVN SCC plugin to Visual Studio 2005, as well as installing SVN locally. I"ll post more about my discoveries as I get a chance to spend more time with this.

Conspiracy Theories

I like to entertain myself a couple of times a day by visiting Digg.com. I've noticed a distinct leftward slant in the politically charged atmosphere there, and it appears to have gotten pretty bad. I'll give you an example:

There was a post with an article about the fact that the air quality after the 9/11 attack in New York was much worse than people thought. Lots of people who were nearby but who weren't victims got sick, etc.

Now, you could see it coming. This, that and the other left - wing anti-government conspiracy theorist and his brother all got in their comments about how it was the US Government that actually blew up the World Trade Center, it wasn't because of the planes that rammed into it and so on and so forth, ad-nauseum.

Folks, WHAT is your fyookin' PROBLEM? Weren't you all supposed to move to Canada when Bush got re-elected? What happened, Ann Coulter came in the middle of the night and stole your car keys?

Jeesh! If you don't like it here, have the guts to go live somewhere else, OK?