Open Source Software and the CPL

I love the concept of open source software. I've contributed to it, I use it, everybody is getting hip to it, even big folks like Microsoft, IBM, Novell, are helping.

But the one thing that gets my goat is those licenses. Good God! For something that's supposed to be free, have you ever seen so much legalese in your life? Not only that, but it seems every Joe Developer and his brother have to come up with a new one - "Common" this, GPL that.

Here's my take: The CPL (Cool Public License):

Cool Public License

This software is yours. Do whatever you want with it, call it whatever you want, use it anyway you want.
I/we have no blame for anything that happens, and you can't sue me/us. Thanks you, and G'Bye!

Now, isn't that refreshing?