What's Happening in the Browser Space?

"We need to stop problems when they are small"
-- Benjamin Netanyahu, referring to the Iranian nuclear effort

I thought it would be interesting to post some stats from google analytics on current browser usage. This info comes from our eggheadcafe.com site, which tends to attract a larger percentage of Microsoft devotees, so your mileage may vary.

First, a chart of major browser usage:

As can be seen above, Internet Explorer holds 74.06% of our visitor market, with Firefox at 23.05%. The version breakdown:

IE 6.0 - 76.84%
IE 7.0 - 22.68%

Firefox 2.0 - 46%
Firefox 1.508 - 31.65%
Firefox 1.507 - 13%

According to OneStat, the November 6 statistics:

The most popular browsers on the web are:

November 2006
1. Microsoft IE 85.24%
2. Mozilla Firefox 12.15%
3. Apple Safari 1.61%
4. Opera 0.69%
5. Netscape 0.11%

One of the things that irks me is that your typical Penguinista Anti-Microsoft Firefart afficionados are always pointing out that IE is full of security holes. Well, the Bugzilla database for Firefox developers currently has over 200 open entries, some of them marked "critical". If you were a hacker, would you go after the guys with 12 percent of the market, or the guys with 85%?

I think it will be interesting to see what happens as IE7 takes hold, as well as what happens when Vista gets into circulation.

There's one bright cloud on this horizon: If I code for IE and Firefox, I can be confident of reaching about 99% of our visitor market. Less is more!