More Web 2.0 Goo for You?

I just have to shake my head and laugh at how silly buzzwords have become. Buzzwords, particularly on the Internet, have gotten to the point where they've replaced the human ability to actually observe and think -- with patterns of "brainwave gibberish" that evoke images of the classic Pavlovian doggie-style "knee jerk on demand" reaction.

Case in point: "Web 2.0" What IS this God-awful Horseshit? Yes, I know all about the O'Reilly conference and them laying out all the groundwork and guidelines about what is and what is not "Web 2.0" and I really couldn't care less!

Look, A web site is a web site.

It might be good, it might be bad. It might have a lot of snazzy features, and it might not. It might be useful, and it might not be, notwithstanding the previous items. You wanna put a snazzy label on it to make you "feel all good"? -- knock yerself out!

Did you know that if you search Digg on "Web 2.0" (all time) you come up with 393 pages worth of this utter CRAP? That's 5,895 entries, mostly about nothing at all.

It really doesn't mean a damned thing to me. It could be Web 2.0, it could be AJAX, it could be Web 3.11. It's just a fyookin' WEB SITE, man! I'll figure out whether I like it or not, and I'll decide whether it's useful to me. Its the CONTENT and its usability that's important, not the curvy corners and funky logos and the AJAX - SCHMAJAX! And especially not that fact that some moronic "self proclaimed Web 2.0 Guru" put his label of approval on it!

All your stupid acronyms and buzzword labels SUBTRACT value, IMHO -- they only serve to elicit this Pavlovian "no need to reason" response rather that leading the user to really think and use their brain for a change.

This pretty much sums it up for me:

I can't help it. I am a programmer, and as a programmer I understand the first inalienable right of programmers is - we get PAID TO THINK!

Cripes! Oscar the Grouch knows more about Web content than you Web 2.0 morons!