Visual Studio Mobile Apps for Blackberry?

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Yep. On the C# newsgroup, one poster provided a link to "Flowfinity":

"Flowfinity Blackbird is an add-on to Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 that empowers ASP.NET developers to deliver "Wireless-Ready" applications for BlackBerry®. Using unique features of Visual Studio 2005, Blackbird shortens the BlackBerry application development learning curve for Microsoft .NET developers."

I haven't tried this yet as I have no current need to target Blackberry devices. But, he claims to have developed several applications using it.

To get into a little more detail from the FAQ:

To access Blackbird applications, users need to install Flowfinity Client on their handhelds. Administrators install ASP.NET applications with embedded Blackbird runtime on their IIS servers. User authentication and authorization are handled by IIS similarly to traditional web applications.

BlackBerry only supports Java, so how does Blackbird convert my .NET code to Java code?
Blackbird does not convert any .NET code. All code remains in the original .NET assemblies and gets executed on the server. Blackbird replaces web browser and HTML rendering components of traditional ASP.NET applications to provide "wireless ready" user experience optimized for wireless handhelds.


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