Windows Vista: Internet Explorer 7.0: Cannot open Internet Options

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And so continues my never-ending love/hate saga with Windows Vista:

You try to open Internet options From the IE Tools menu, or from the Control Panel Internet Options applet. In IE, you get a dialog box "this operation has been canceled due to restrictions ...". In Control Panel, it just silently fails. Yeesh, methinks - more Vista BS!

Well this just cropped up on my Vista box (or at least I just noticed it). So after not directly finding anything with a few well-placed searches (which right there indicates it's probably a fairly new issue), I decided to start undoing some of Microsoft's little "hotfixes". The latest crop were all installed on June 13, 2007 and the ones I removed include these KB numbers:


I'm sorry I cannot be more specific, but I'm not gonna reboot after every single one. I uninstall four to six at a time and then reboot.

At any rate, it was one of the above, since now I've got the functionality back -- AND I've run a special ERUNT Registry backup to preserve it. I have System Restore turned off - for reasons I've detailed in a previous post. In fact, I've done about every fix detailed here to improve Vista performance.

To uninstall updates / hotfixes, you have to click the "View Installed Updates" link in the Control Panel's Programs and Features applet.

You guys test those security hotfixes, right? I run with User Account Control off. Maybe they just didn't test for that...

Incidentally, there is often a supported hotfix for many of these issues, but you have to go through a lot of trouble with Product Support to get them. Here is a site where many of these are contributed by users. Microsoft also now publishes a number of these as well on this page.

Also, Sandi Hardmeier is an MVP who runs a Vista / Internet Explorer - related hotfix site.


I reinstalled the above Windows Updates, one - by - one, rebooting as instructed each time. This time, after testing every one, I no longer experience the described problem. This took me two hours of my professional time.

Who do I send the invoice to?