Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) Beta 2 Installation, Issues, Fixes

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila." -- Anonymous

Well, I downloaded Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. I mounted the image as a virtual DVD with the free VCDControl Tool on Windows Vista Ultimate, 32-bit. I uninstalled the Orcas BETA 1 from Control Panel "Programs and Features", which does a chain uninstall of all the bits. Now I am ready to install the BETA2.

I click on the SETUP.EXE from off the virtual DVD drive and nothing happens. Try several times. OK, that doesn't work. Let's try executing the .msi instead. Uh-Oh. The msi tells me I have to install with Setup.exe, which I already know doesn't work. Reboot, try again, same BS.

FIX: Copy everything from the VCD drive onto a folder on your phyiscal hard drive, and run Setup.exe from there. That should fix it.

Everything else about my install went perfectly, and I didn't even need to repair Visual Studio 2005 after uninstalling BETA 1 of Orcas. Technology is grand when it works, eh? Let's do some threadpool with anonymous delegates, some WCF, WPF, a little SilverLight and other goodness! They've put a lot of very cool and in some cases extremely useful new "stuff" into Orcas.

I think I am gonna like this product.