Web standards? IE? Firefox? BS!

It's a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn't want to hear. - Dick Cavett

I am really getting tired of seeing all these "holier than thou" articles, comments and rants about how Internet Explorer sucks because it doesn't implement "web standards" correctly, and how Firefox "does".

Bottom line? A bunch of BS! Neither one does! Here are a few images from the ACID 2 Test which deliberately invokes invalid CSS to see how browsers handle it:




Bottom line? Users need to quit their political, opinionated rants and work to ensure that browser manufacturers all work together so that there is seamless, consistent behavior across browser brands - whether it be rendering, Javascript, CSS, the DOM, or whatever. Standards take time to create, and a lot of thought goes into it. The standards are there for a reason.

Let's stop the BS. Browser manufacturers and users all need to stop attacking each other and instead -- work to provide a consistent, standard set of browser behaviors for developers and users. You don't do world domination with web browsers. Everyone benefits. My two cents.