Windows Live Folders debut

Looks like Microsoft has opened up its Windows Live Folders offering here. Nothing earth-shaking, but it has a nice clean user interface and offers 500MB of free storage. You can store documents, music etc. in various folders, send links to friends, make it public, private or shared only to certain people. You can also control read or contribute settings on a folder for others. Standard HTTPInputFile control uploads, no fancy ActiveX or other junk to bomb-out your browser.

Here is an example link to a file I have in one of my "public" folders:


BTW -- they have an IFRAME snippet that "embeds" a Live Drive (yep - they've changed the name already) item in your page. You want to be very careful about using these - I had one in this post and then every time I'd load this UnBlog in my browser, the little booger would take control and redirect everybody to the Live Drive page. DOH!

I've been using Yahoo Briefcase for a number of years, but this looks like a good replacement and is more flexible. Yahoo is still in the dark ages with this stuff, they want you to pay for extra space and features, and the ability to share files. I don't mind looking at ads as long as they don't interfere with the features I need. So, folders people? Give me the option to automate transferring my "Stuff" from Yahoo's crappy Briefcase to Live Folders and I'll happily look at your ads instead of theirs...

BTW, they offer a "Help us improve" feedback thing. I've already offered a few suggestions:

1) Offer a Details View with datetime and filesize, just like in Windows Explorer Views.

2) Let me search for my uploaded files in the existing "folder" or in all folders. Doods! This ain't rocket science -- how 'bout it?