Bill Of Rights for Internet Users?

I just have to laugh at this one. OpenSocialWeb.org has a "Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web". Wait a minute, guys -- didn't we skip over something here?

Forget about the "Social Web" Horse Manure! I got more important stuff to worry about -- How about an INTERNET USER'S BILL OF RIGHTS? I guess my needs are just a lot less "Social" than yours, pals.

Now this is a step in the correct direction, IMHO. But there is more, much more:

  • How about including rights to control your own computer?
  • Shouldn't the practices of installing spyware and other software that cannot be controlled by the owner/user be legally considered trespass or assault of some kind?
  • What gives anyone the right to take control of my computer without my consent?
  • How about offensive advertising on web sites that I cannot 'opt out" of?
  • What about SPAM emails that I get?
  • What about Cellular providers that censor text messaging?
  • How about people who get shut off by their ISP with no ability to have any kind of arbitration procedure if they've been falsely accused?
  • How about web site owners that get their AdSense accounts shut off by Google with little to no recourse because of "Big Brother" Gestapo tactics where they have no due process?

You get my drift? It's a jungle out there and the list could be much bigger; I'm just trying to seed the random Rant Generator. I hope it works...

Have fun.