KB929729 Windows Update Failure - An Easy FIX

OK, it's Microsoft Windows Update "Fun Time" again! KB929729 Security Update for .NET 1.1 shows up in Windows Update and guess what? It never goes away. It's like it's going to be there wanting to get reinstalled like FOREVER.

The 1.1 service pack was an optional update that many users did not install, so the latest security update is doomed to fail. The security update did not search for the right version prior to installation so either you got a installation failure message or it "updated sucessfully" only to reappear as a needed update a few minutes later. If you are unfortunate enough to have .Net Framework version 2 or 3 without updating your service pack for version 1 your headaches just got worse, because the official "FIX" for this involves uninstalling ALL versions of .NET Framework and is quite painful. Fortunately for many the shorter "Fix" I detail here should work. NOTE: This is for Windows VISTA ONLY.

1) Instead of using Windows Update, download the KB929729 package from here:
Do not install yet.

2) Run cleanup tool:

and select remove (cleanup) .NET Framework 1.1 from the dropdown list.

3) Download the .Net framework 1.1 redistributable package from here

and install it.

4) Download the .Net Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1
and install it.

5) Finally, launch the KB929729 installer and it will work: