We Have Met the Enemy and ...

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
-- Sun Tzu

I have no issue with people who want Microsoft (and others) to make full disclosure about "Stuff" they do (or don't do) with your PC when you subscribe to Windows Update and similar services. That's just good citizenship to me.

But it's possible to go overboard on this vigilante stuff. Here is an example:

Microsoft updates Windows without users' consent

This guy is basically making a big hullaballoo about Microsoft wanting to update Windows Update itself, in order to make it better and fix any bugs, but he's making it sound like it is some sort of "Stealth Install" that violates your privacy rights. Then at the end, he tells you not to roll back any of the updated files. Umm, who's kidding whom, pal?

Oh, and here's another on eWeek from another Linux fanboy who's simply parroting the first guy and then mindlessly embellishing it. Yikes! Wait a minute --look at the file extension on that page! These guys are still running Classic ASP? Jeesh! What about LAMP, already, if we gonna promote Linux Desktop? Oh, the hypocrisy! It's just never-ending. These guys aren't experts --they're advertising sponsor whores! The first guy's junk made me choke on my fyookin' bagel and I almost forgot my mantra, d00d!

The first guy also quotes a conversation with PSS which proves this is completely innocuous:

"7.0.6000.381 is a consumer only release that addresses some specific issues found after .374 was released. It will not be available via WSUS [Windows Server Update Services]. A standalone installer and the redist will be available soon, I will keep an eye on it and notify you when it is available."

What's our problem here, "Windows Secrets" -- don't have anything really relevant to write about, so you have to resort to scaring people with "fake news"? Less is more, d00d. If you can't come up with something intelligent and useful to write, then don't write anything.

Get real. Maybe the New York Times will give me a "family discount" on a full page ad...