MSDN Code Gallery Goes Live

“Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.” -- Judge Judy

The new MSDN Code Gallery has gone live (although at the time of this original post it wasn't fully functional, e.g. I could not sign in or create a new resource, but as of now it seems to be OK).

My take on this is that this is Microsoft's replacement for the User Samples section on the old Gotdotnet.com site. I hope it gears up, there are already some very nice code samples there. We will see what happens. You can download official Microsoft code samples, download user-submitted code, access tutorials and create your own "resource" page to upload your code samples or other offerings. I guess I'll have to read through the Terms of Service once this thing "really" goes live and all of it is working.

Whereas Codeplex.com offers source control for real "projects" with multideveloper support, the idea of Code Gallery is to provide a simpler interface for the average developer who wants to share their work.

I had something like 56,000+ downloads of the samples that I uploaded to the original gotdotnet.com User Samples, so if this thing works out nicely you can expect to see new contributions of mine there soon. Tutorials, whole projects, and more.

I was finally able to log in and create a user page. W00t! It makes a nice presentation, very much like codeplex.com, but "simpler". Nice job guys.