Congratulations! You're getting a Liberal for President.

Now that Romney has dropped out, you basically are going to have three choices - either Obama or Clinton on the Democrat side (both Liberals), or McCain on the Republican side (also a Liberal). Sigh. I suppose I could just move to Canada, where they have a three party system and nobody can garner enough of the power to be able to accomplish anything.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter last week said she would support Sen. Hillary Clinton over McCain. She said, "If he's our candidate, then Hillary is going to be our girl, because she's more conservative than he is... I think she would be stronger on the war on terrorism."

Yikes! Ann Coulter said THAT?

But of course, Hillary is losing. The day she admitted she'd written herself a check for $5 million, Obama's people were crowing that they'd just raised $3 million. His staff is happy -- they're all getting paid. (BTW, where in hell did she get the $5 Million?)

Regardless of what happens in November, you can be sure of three things: your taxes will go up, the Government will get bigger, and unless you elect McCain, you'll probably have a bigger chance of getting your ass blown off by a terrorist attack. Oh - and you better get used to it - because we are going to be in Iraq for the next 45 years.

Hint: I took the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz and came out -- gasp! -- a Libertarian.

Wasn't it John Adams that said, "Trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty"?

N.B. I got an interesting comment that I was defining "Liberal". Here's one from the Urban Dictionary (actually it's two, pieced together):

Liberal: Adjective - Falling to the left on the political spectrum of the average person, being in favor of more government control of economic actions (such as making minimum wage laws), but less governmental control of personal actions (such as allowing protesting)

noun - Any person who is liberal, as described above.

Bill: We should fight poverty.
Jim: Yeah, but you wouldn't know how, because you're a stupid pot-smoking hippie naive liberal.
Bill: Well you're a heartless selfish conservative, and I hate your views!
Jim: I hate your views too!
Bill: Well, I feel better about fighting poverty now.

So there you have it.


  1. Apparently being a Liberal is something that is not good, that's close to being a lunatic, without any moral values and willing to welcome terrorists into your kitchen.
    Funny, I have an entire different conception of being Liberal and I do not see it as a bad thing.
    Your definition of liberalism is completely different from mine.
    Funny, really.

  2. Did I "define" Liberal? Every person has a different view of what Liberal means. My definition is basically somebody who thinks Government should control the distribution of wealth through taxation. Look at the definitions provided by Google, they are all over the board:

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    "Regardless of what happens in November you can be sure of three things: your taxes will go up, the Government will get bigger..." The idea that "liberals" increase spending is a widely held assumption that has little basis in reality. Your post reminded me of this comic I saw a while ago. Here is a paper that analyzes national debt and spending of the different administrations.

  4. @jamesqua, I have to agree with you, since recent Republican congresses have increased government spending as much or more than Democrats have. I lamented this in a previous post, however.


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