Visual Studio 2008 Hotfix Rollup

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This Hotfix rollup addresses a number of issues and is a good example of how Scott Guthrie and his crew are able to nimbly respond to various issues and push out easy-to-install updates that fix various bugs and issues. This is in keeping with their stated goal of more frequently releasing public patches that roll-up bug-fixes of commonly reported problems.

Scott explains more on his blog. The collection of fixes addresses issues with the HTML Editor source view performance, Design View performance, HTML editing, Javascript editing, web site build performance when there are a large number of assemblies in the /bin folder, and more.

After successful installation, if you select the Help->About menu item, there is an entry that says Hotfix for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite – ENU (KB946581).

I noticed a definite improvement in Solution load time and more responsiveness in the IDE in general after installing this relatively small 2.6 MB fix.

There is so much new cool stuff packed into Visual Studio 2008, I feel like I am only beginning to discover much of it, and I've been using this product since the early BETAs. Everything from built-in WCF, Silverlight, AJAX, and much more.