Silverlight: Recent Updates Developers Should Know About

If you got the original Silverlight 2 Beta 2 developer bits which became available around 9PM on the very last Friday of Tech-Ed 2008, you may have noticed that you just recently got a refresh in the form of KB955011 from Windows Update.

It turns out that this is supposedly included in a newer version of the silverlight_chainer.exe consolidated installer, which was freshly updated on 7/11/2008. That is to say, the version up there now is NEWER than what you got right after Tech-Ed.

I suspect there are some additional fixes in the Tools portion of this, and so I recommend downloading it and reinstalling.  In fact, when I did so, I was pointed to a .vbs script whose header comments are self-descriptive:

' Installation verification script for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
' This script checks for KB949325 and reinstalls all Advertised features
' At no time should there be Advertised features for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
' Any features in an Advertised state are an [sic] indications of a patching error

Apparently they feel that if any features of Visual Studio 2008 are in an “Advertised” state, this is an indication of a patching error, and this script fixes it.

Then, you should be able to reinstall the updated Silverlight_Chainer.exe (dated 7/11/2008) and be assured that you have the latest and greatest of everything Silverlight-ey in the world.


I figured I would try out the free Silverlight Streaming service, so here's a quick Silverlight Streaming video I took of last year's Rolex 24 race at Daytona with my Audiovox Smartphone camera, combined with some photos and some background music near the end:



Guy Burstein has a nice 1 page tutorial on how to use the Silverlight Streaming service - it is super-simple!


IttyUrl.Net now has over 500 Silverlight user-contributed  social-tagged links!