SQL Server 2008 RTM - First Experiences

FACTOID: B-2 bombers are capable of dropping 85 500-pound bombs in a single run.

I installed SQL Server 2008 RTM Developer Edition this evening. First it installed .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, no problems. Then we went with the full install and I chose an Upgrade over SQL Server 2005. Everything went fine until the prerequisites check, and it reported FAIL on Visual Studio 2008 - saying that SP1 was required.

Well, I already went through this stuff with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta and it clobbered Silverlight.

So, when you guys solve this issue and provide a Visual Studio 2008 SP1 that preserves all my existing Silverlight 2 BETA 2 work and doesn't put me out of business - then I'll be happy to install SQL Server 2008. Meanwhile, I'm choosing the safe route, which is to keep my powder dry.

Be advised.

UPDATE (8/8/2008): 

According to Microsoft sources, VS 2008 SP1 will be accompanied by a new Silverlight Tools Beta 2 chainer.  The new chainer will have the patch for VS SP1 RTM, and SP1 beta will no longer be supported at that point.

The final Silverlight 2 release is still a ways off.  This is good news. 

NOTE: An interesting statistic: As of Aug 9th, Since August 1, 2008, NBCOlympics.com has accumulated more than 127 million page views, nearly half the total for the entire Athens Games. I bet that is one heck of a lot of Silverlight installations.