A Time to Reflect

"Everything you can imagine is real" -- Picasso

As we approach the end of another year, most people begin a period where there is more introspection and reflection about their inner feelings and aspirations, making donations where appropriate to favored causes, hopefully spending more time thinking about the family unit and the blessings that it provides.

I’ve already given thanks to my Twitter brethren for the enlightening 140 character or less pearls of wisdom and links they’ve provided. And I would like to extend the same thanks to readers here.

I want to wish great peace to anyone who reads or has read my UnBlog, a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season, and don’t forget – work isn’t everything. Take time to nurture your family and loved ones, and make an effort to do good in your community. Not only now – but all year.

Commune with your family and friends, support those who need help with whatever resources you may have available to you, and – above all – be confident in your skills and your future.

Tough economic times will eventually pass. Hopefully, we will learn the lessons of history and be able to apply them to create a better future for ourselves and those who follow us.