What is Fiscal Responsibility?

We have a new Administration.  We have a number of States who can’t seem to balance their budgets. 

Here’s the deal: I balance my checkbook. I have no choice: if the money isn’t there, I don’t have the luxury of some sort of fiscal “chicanery”. The money is either there, or it isn’t.

Most state legislatures’ budgets specify the same:  “If the revenue isn’t there, we cannot spend it”.

But, they seem to think that they are exempt from the checkbook algorithm for some reason. States are running up deficits, and now they want Uncle Sam to bail them out (along with all the other “bailout” suitors)

They are not to be allowed! You don’t go to the Federal Government to allocate taxpayer revenue to “fix your problem”. What you do is to have a plan that enables your state to assess its revenues and adjust the budget to become deficit-neutral.

Just like you and I  do every month with our checking accounts.

What am I talking here, Greek?

Lets get our financial houses together and stop the bullshit, both in State Congresses and Federal Bodies.

You want to have a balanced budget? Then go ahead and  balance it, you fyookin’ morons! 

We’re on track for a multi-trillion dollar deficit with this BULLSHIT! 

Who do we think we’re kidding?


Somebody has to pay.

Fix  it now, or wait till later.

Its a lot less painful to fix it now.