Don’t Forget.


On September 11, 2001, fanatic Islamist extremists declared war on America.

They are still out there. They are determined to kill Americans. The rationale is not important when you are dealing with maniacs. There is only one choice: Eliminate them, so that they can never do it again.

ServicePeople: Your service to the United States is deeply appreciated. We owe you a deep debt of gratitude for your selfless dedication to protecting everything we believe in – freedom, liberty, and life. We won’t forget the sacrifices you and your families have made in defense of the American way.



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  2. I started writing a comment about your view on the 9-11 aftermath but in the end, it grew so large that it could simply not be considered a comment anymore.
    If you're interested in reading what I think about what you're saying, you can find my post here:
    All the best (I came to your blog for some C# guidance but I dropped on your 9-11 post so... ) :)

  3. tell now we didn't sure that Muslims did it and even that some of who have anomalous think did that we can't say obviously that all Muslims have this aggressive behavior
    you must know that Islam call to peace and The Arabic word ISLAM is derived from the root s-l-m which is translated directly as peace
    i invite you to know more about Islam and who is Allah the god of this universal who send to us(all people) prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who order us to do all good and to didn't do any evil as can as possible
    please read more on:

    wait for your reply mr peter
    Ahmed Fawzy

  4. I think that America (and in part Britain) started the war on Muslims a long time ago when they decided to arm rebels to fight America's enemies (Soviets), overthrow their governments(1953 Iranian coup), steal their oil (think Anglo-Persian Oil Company), and build mini-Americas in their deserts (Saudi and now Iraq). This is the only way Arabs/Muslims thought they could make America listen, but they were wrong.

    (I too came here for code and spotted this)


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