Why Do Conservatives Hate Black People?

First of all, this is just not true. Secondly, this makes an assumption that all conservatives are white. There are many black conservatives.  

Are there racists in the Republican party? Sure, but no more than you’ll find in the Democratic Party. So, why are Republicans being constantly accused of racism? It’s a political strategy. If black Americans weren’t convinced that the GOP was racist, they’d probably break 70/30 or even 60/40 for the Democrats instead of 90/10 and that would be devastating to the left. That’s why the Democrats are desperate to shout "racism" at every possible opportunity. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false because the political stakes are so high for the left.

Thinking for oneself, loving your country, understanding and embracing the free market capitalist system, and loving your Constitution means you are not “black” but instead you are a "house negro" or a "token" for the Republican party. 

After a half a century of liberal control of Black communities and inner cities, we have rampant poverty; abysmal employment rates, poor educational outcomes and a negative birthrate.  Many are still looking to the Federal Government to accept blame for these problems and fix them, but it cannot.  But others now say that black people must look to themselves.  The breakdown of the Black family is the root of all of these societal ills, and if we repair and elevate the Black Family, every other issue becomes manageable, and will eventually  be cured.

Blacks used to be solidly Republican. Republicans were behind all the major civil rights acts. Republicans ended slavery. Republicans recognized a black person is a whole human, not a fraction of one. Republicans recognized the right of a black citizen to vote. Republicans were behind the drive to end segregation.

The Democrats started a civil war over the fear of losing their slaves, and brought us the KKK and Jim Crow.   They just worked out a sideways method to re-enslave the black man by trying to turn him into a permanently dependent permanent underclass through targeted entitlements and preaching class warfare.

The real racists are the Liberal Democrats who have been trying to suck this country dry, and have managed to fool black people into voting for them.

Black Conservatives are welcome in the Republican Party. You see them today as members of Congress. And, there will be plenty more.