Why I Am Pro – Life

This subject comes up repeatedly, and because I have a number of liberal friends who challenge me on it from time to time, I thought it would be appropriate to summarize my views again.

First and foremost, I do not base my pro-life stance on religion. I am about the most unreligious person you will ever meet. I'm not an atheist, but my beliefs in a Supreme Being certainly didn't come from attending church or synagogue. They came from science.

Science - that is biomedical science - tells us that once the very first cell-division takes place in a fertilized ovum, it meets all the scientific qualifications for a developing human life. Period. You don't need to wait until it develops a heartbeat. In the very first hour, it's a developing human being completely distinct from the mother, with it's own DNA. Therefore, as caring human beings, we must provide it with the same protections and rights as any other human being.

To me, this renders all these progressive liberal claims of a woman's "right to choose" or "reproductive rights" complete and total bullshit right from the git-go.

My son Andrew, who is now 24, autistic, and lives at home with me, was adopted at birth. I have the utmost respect for the woman who carried this wonderful young man to term, knowing full well that she would not keep him. Andrew has provided much joy to me as a father, and is a fantastic, intelligent, caring human being.

So please don't try to tell me that you have the right to determine when and under what circumstances abortion is legitimate. It's never legitimate to take a human life, even one that is only one hour old.