Dr. Dotnetsky alive and well in Phoenix, and Programmers as Musicians. . .

We've noticed a conspicuous absence of the revered Dr. Dexter Dotnetsky on eggheadcafe.com over the last couple of months. However, I recently got an email from him with the photo below attached. He says he is in Phoenix, working on a top - secret project, and will be back soon.

On another "Note", have you ever noticed the high percentage of programmers who are also accomplished musicians? Being a former semi-professional jazz musician myself (played bass with the Robert Hunt Trio in New York, played with the likes of David King, Jules Broussard, and Noel Jewkes in San Francisco, even played shakuhachi duets with Schawkie Roth in Mill Valley) I find this particularly interesting.

Surely the inventors of C# were musicians, no? (the key has seven sharps)... I think it has to do with brain chemistry myself. Particularly jazz musicians. What do you think?

throw new InvalidOperationException("Cannot restart Brain that is already in motion.");