Laugh, Dammit!

I'm always telling the Significant Other, if we are gonna do Blockbuster, let's get a movie that will make us LAUGH! It is just pitiful to me to see how many people are just so damned serious about every little thing in their lives, they may have actually forgotten that life is FUN! Not only fun, but it is downright FUNNY! How the hell can you enjoy yourself if you walk around treating every little thing like a damned crisis!

Now here's a blog that is funny. If you are a programmer like me, and you don't get at least two or three GOOD LAUGHS a day, do yourself a favor. Bookmark this guy's blog and visit it. It will make you realize, if only for a short while, that it's not worth it to get too serious ABOUT ANYTHING. We're here for a nanosecond in the spacetime of the cosmos, and then we are GONE. Try to enjoy it a little bit while you are here, OK?