Iran plans Holocaust Conference?

Ok, we all know this dood is downright dangerous. But, people need to understand how "holocausts" happen. They don't happen because the German people, or the Japanese people are "evil" in some way.

They happen because, usually during bad times, some psychotic power-hungry maniac is able to get into a position of power and is allowed to do his thing unchecked. It's the psychology of crowd madness. It's happened scores of times in recorded history. The people are mesmerized by these evildoers, and they follow.

And oftentimes, the rest of the world is apathetic, wants to stay out of the way, or just plain doesn't understand the risk of letting them go unchecked.

OK? So now, friends, you are staring a brand new one of these right in the face. I mean, for real, right now, not a game, not a sound bite! A real Hitler, a real Osama Bin Laden. You are watching him on TV, he's out in the open. And, he's both NUTS and DANGEROUS, as in "NUCLEAR Dangerous". You aren't watching Dr. Evil in an Austin Powers movie. YOU ARE WATCHING THE REAL BANANA.

The situation with Iran right now is eerily similar to the way the world viewed Hitler in the 1930's.

What ya gonna do about it? You gonna let him do his thing? You gonna "negotiate" with him?


Hey! I got friends who are Iranian. They can't understand this crap! It's incomprehensible to them. They are great, intelligent Americans who believe in freedom.

And, I believe one more thing. In order to preserve freedom, you must identify and eliminate the threats to it, before they succeed. You wanna wait around for the U.N. to do something? Heh! You will grow old and die first!

According to figures provided by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, the overall number of victims of Auschwitz in the years 1940-1945 is estimated at between 1,100,000 and 1,500,000 people. The majority of them, and above all the mass transports of Jews who arrived beginning in 1942, died in the gas chambers. Jews were not the only victims of this Nazi German killing machine - historians estimate that among the people sent to Auschwitz alone, there were at least 1,100,000 Jews from all the countries of occupied Europe, over 140,000 Poles (mostly political prisoners), approximately 20,000 Gypsies from several European countries, over 10,000 Soviet prisoners of war, and over 10,000 prisoners of other nationalities.

Anybody can sponsor a "conference" to attempt to discredit documented historical facts. This kind of Revisionism is the very first sign of a budding Hitler! Jews and non-Jews alike should be extremely vigilant in the face of individuals like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

There's only one thing to do. You don't negotiate with terrorists! Take him out. FAST! I suppose we could just wait for Mossad to do it, huh?

I leave you with this quote from Ruth Gordon, who played an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor in "Harold and Maude":

"Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use. " -- Ruth Gordon

My 2 cents.