Requiring a login just to read your content?

One of my little pet peeves is how some developer - oriented sites require you to log in in order to read their content, even though they appear to have taken pains to enable Google and MSN et al to index it.

Is this piss-poor, or what? I've practically memorized these sites already and when I am searching for something and I see a link to one of these sites, I don't even bother to click on it anymore.

These folks are advertising - supported too, and apparently they just haven't "got it"! Apparently they are happier shooting themselves in the foot than making advertising revenue from quality search-engine driven traffic!

Then there are the blokes who make you log in in order to download their "precious resources" (zip files of code, usually). What a bunch of HORSESHIT! People don't deep-link to other sites' downloads, they link to the articles!

Now, if you have a messageboard, sure I can see the validity of requiring a login so that you can track threads and provide email feedback notifications. We run a profitable site at eggheadcafe.com, we've never required users to log in to read our stuff.

I just don't get the mentality at all. Anyway, I've always seemed to be able to find another site where I can read up on what I'm searching for for free. And if I like their ads, I click. Isn't that what its about?

Enlighten me if I appear to be missing something, but it appears to me that these people are just a bunch of fyookin' idiots! On second thought, don't bother. Since I've already made up my mind they're idiots, most likely any explanation would be like farting into the wind.


While I'm on it (venting my spleen) How about BANKS?

Let's face it, most banks absolutely SUCK at customer service! They hide behind their internet banking facades and their Voice response systems. I needed some statement copies that we misplaced from last year. I walked into the lobby of the bank and basically was told by a bunch of incompetent boobs, "Call the 800 number". Well, the 800 number guy told me if I used their Internet banking, I could request statements there. So I did. Know what? They want $4.00 for each check image plus an additional fee for the fyookin' statement itself! Highway Robbery! So if I had a statement where I wrote 20 checks, they are into me for $80 bucks for a copy of a lousy statement! The other bank we use let's you get them online for FREE, and you can download it as a PDF in seconds!

You know what? When I start my first BANK, I'm gonna offer the "75+" account. If your IQ is over 75, I give you free checking. Doubt if any of the bank employees at my bank would qualify...

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