SharpDevelop Comin' At Ya, newsgroup spellers and Sparkle!

Mike Krueger (developer of Sharp ZipLib) and his crew have been working hard on SharpDevelop 2.0, the open-source IDE for .NET 2.0, and it looks really nice.

The Beta 1 is quite feature - complete, and VIsual Studio.NET developers will find it very familiar to work with. I just checked it out because one of our messageboard posters was complaining that C# Express has no project template for a Windows Service. Well, SharpDevelop does! And that's not all: it has a IL project template if you are interested in getting close to the metal with working breakpoints and a lot more!

If you would like to read up more about the features, here's a good recent review.

>>>>Snag yourself a copy at Sourceforge.net<<<<

NewsGroup Spellers

I don't know about you, but I've been frequenting the MS C# language group and also the ASP.NET group. Most of the people in the C# group seem to be able to spell. However, a sizeable number of the posters at the ASP.NET group seem to be having difficulty with English. Examples:

"Link in gridbiew"
"Loop threw datalist"
"Treeview Control. No selected Treenode wanted..."
"SMLDataSource problem"
"Please help - Remot name could not br resolved"
...and my favorite,
"Need help immediatly"

Boy!! I wonder what their web pages must look like!

Answering Public Newsgroup Posts

On a related note, posting answers to public newsgroup questions has been very instructive for me. Among other valuable lessons, I've started to learn:

1) To be courteous, no matter how ridiculous someone's post may seem.
2) To read the original poster's (OP's) post carefully so as to be sure to completely understand their problem or question.
3) To not post an answer in haste, but to take the time to carefully consider and if necessary research a proper answer.
4) To accept from and give corrections to others graciously.
5) To not attempt to answer a post where I am not completely sure of the answer.

These are good qualities we all could use more of, and they spill over into one's professional daily life. In particular, the C# newsgroup is frequented by studious, knowledgable MVPs and other professionals who set the tone and an example for everyone by their exemplary behavior. Among these are Jon Skeet, Nicholas Paladino, Willy Denoyette, Ignacio Machin, and others.

Carefully reading posts by other professionals, many of whom may be more advanced than you are, is the most instructive of all. And, you can even learn to spell if you work at it!

Sparkle CTP is out!

Sparkle is the Graphical UI designer that was presented at the MVP Summit last September (requires Windows Presentation Foundation).

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