What's the World Coming to with Web Ads?

I just read here about how Google is going to add those absolutely nasty interstitials, expanding and floating ads to its Adsense portfolio.

Good God! I avoid any site that has this crap like the plague! How could they possibly expect people to put up with this utter crap and even stay on their site, much less click on one of these doozies! The quote:

"Floating ads are ads that either stay on top as the page is scrolled, or ones that "float in" from the side of the page to the center of the page. Expanding ads are those that require user interaction to expand, either with a mouseover or a click. Interstitials are perhaps the most interesting addition to this rich media beta, because they are a format that people love to hate, and that are often more annoying than pop-ups. You have likely stumbled across an interstitial ad - they appear when you click through to read a page, and before they will show you the page, you are bypassed through to a full page ad that you must view before seeing the actual content you were wanting, often by having to click a link on the interstitial ad page."

This person (whoever it is) is actually reporting this as if it is a "cool thing"! The people who design and promulgate this horrible crap should be taken out, lined up and shot, firing-squad style, IMHO!

Frankly, I wish there were a way to automatically ban these sites from my browsing experience. You know, some kind of a webservice that automatically puts them into your hosts file pointing to or something like that! That would do the trick quite nicely.

Does anybody have anything like this?