IE7 - Vista: "Internet Explorer has stopped Working"

This one was a bitch. All of a sudden for no reason at all, out of the blue, I get this dialog "internet Explorer has stopped working". I didn't install any new software, crap- I didn't do anything!

So here I am using FIREFART to go on the internet and find out what to do! Damn! Good thing I've got the sucker on the same machine (I'm not "anti-Firefox", i just don't use it that much except to check my page renderings).

The Fix

The fix (at least for me):

1) Go into Control Panel, and choose "Internet Options".
2) Under the "Advanced" tab, press the "RESET" button at the lower right:

Don't ask me why this happens, or why the fix works. That's a BUG, D00D - I don't care how you slice it!