"Internet Explorer has stopped working" Redux (unfortunately)

OK. Now I'm annoyed. I've already UnBlogged about this here and now I'm seeing it again.

If I use our search facility on eggheadcafe.com and enter "which control posted back" you'll get this url:


When I click on this in IE 7.0 (on Windows Vista, dear Reader...) I get the dreaded "Internet Explorer has stopped working" BS. Some people get this, others don't. For me, the page comes up and almost at the point where the browser has completely loaded it, that's where IE blows up. There's nothing unusual about that page, it's like every other article on the eggheadcafe.com site. Lots of people have reported this issue with lots of different web pages, just because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean everyone else is nuts, OK? Yeesh! No wonder they call it "Internet Exploder"!

It doesn't matter if I reset IE, it doesn't matter if I run "as Administrator", it doesn't matter if I put IE in as an exclusion in Data Execution Prevention, and it doesn't matter if I run IE "without Add-ons". For what it's worth, I didn't install Vista as an "upgrade" over another OS - it was a clean install. And you better fyookin' believe I'm not gonna take my valuable time to reinstall it and all my software too!

Let me tell you something, Pal:

I have searched for hours (and I happen to be very good at this) and all the King's Fixes and all the King's Hacks couldn't put IE7+ on Window Vista back together again, and now, I AM PISSED OFF.

You got a fix? Post it here. I'm not gonna stand for this crap. I want it fixed. Be aware, if you comment post a fix, it's likely I've already tried it, but I'm willing to try any out that you have and post the results.

The newsgroups and forums are rampant with this stuff, and I say it's time to FIX IT. I've seen hundreds of messages from poor slobs like me who are trying to run a business, or doing work, and in some cases they've had to resort to using Firefox just to be able to search on the .NET for a solution! And, I STILL DON'T HAVE A SOLUTION THAT WORKS.

I don' t give TWO SHITS about your damned Data Execution Prevention, UAE, your stories about not running with add-ons, or any of that other BULLSHIT. I want an operating system with a browser that WORKS, period!

I DON'T CARE about "what printer drivers did you install". I DON'T CARE about this, that or the other thing. I DEMAND an operating system with a built in Internet browser that will WORK, and that will work RELIABLY, CONSISTENTLY, and without ERRORS that interfere with my PRODUCTIVITY. And, I REALLY DO NOT THINK THAT IS TOO MUCH TO ASK.

D00ds, What am I talking here, Greek? How about it! Where I work, the stuff I put into production HAS TO WORK. I DON'T GET the luxury of "Fixes" or "explanations". IT EITHER WORKS, OR I AM OUT OF A JOB.

Get the picture?

N.B. There is one interesting item found by Determina that could be part of the issue. To test out this "ActiveX bgColor" bug, try this code:

<script language="JavaScript">
obj = new ActiveXObject("giffile");

Any page with one of these little boogers in it WILL Crash IE 7.0 on Windows Vista summarily! Here's a live sample(opens in a new window, but it WILL crash your browser, even IE 6.0...). Look, you folks have had years to fix this!

P.S. Don't you just love the "Me too" syndrome? You search a post thread where some geek outlines a problem that they are having, and instead of value in the follow-ups, the NEXT 50 POSTS say, more or less, "Me Too!". Jeesh!