The ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview --MVC, Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services +

"If I Dispose the Car, will my delegate references be garage collected?" -- newsgroup poster

This provides new functionality to ASP.NET 3.5 and ADO.NET in 2008. The new features target MVC, Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services and dynamic data Supporting Test Driven Development - including a powerful and extensible MVC framework. Creating the best server for Rich Clients - including Ajax history support and Silverlight controls for ASP.NET.

The Readme is here. The download of ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview is here. I did some early work with the Entity Framework and liked what I saw.

Don't you just love those little installer messages, "The installation is taking longer than expected . . ."?

And More Cool Stuff

A couple of other items you might be interested in (at least, that I am interested in):

1) The FeedSync API. Formerly Ray Ozzie's "Simple Sharing Extensions". The easiest way to get into this is to download and play with the codeplex sample.

Applications for this? OK, how about an app or plug-in that will synchronize either all your Favorites or all your Feed subscriptions in either Internet Explorer or Firefox, from any machine you use, anywhere, so that all machines can be completely synced with each other? Somebody's already started on something similar (also on codeplex.com) although it doesn't use the FeedSync API.

2) The Microsoft Sync Framework - which is a much more sophisticated ADO.NET extension framework to do P2P sychronization of virtually anything.

There is downloadable documentation, a developer center, and even a forum group on this stuff, so don't be lazy about the old RTFM dealie. (HINT: for Sync Framework, you'll need both SyncSetup_x86.exe and SyncServicesADO_x86.msi to install the "whole banana". The BOL CHM help file isn't much use as it's prerelease and nothing is "filled in".)

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And now I leave you with the Stupid Filter - an idea whose time has come!

And for those who understand programming and jazz, I offer Chet Baker.

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