Kill Internet Explorer!

“The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously”  - Henry Kissinger

I’ve got Internet Explorer 8 RC running on Windows VIsta x64 and occasionally it freezes up, usually when it is making a request. I have some ideas about why this may be happening, but there isn’t much I can do about it other than kill IE from Task Manager.

However, there is an easier and faster way:

Download KILL.EXE from Matt Kruse’s “Must Have Utilities” Listing.

Put the executable in a folder (I have one called C:\MISC for just such “stuff”).

Now make a batch file that looks like this:


and save it in your folder right next to KILL.EXE as “KILLIE.BAT”. (The ‘-f’ switch means ‘force’, as in ‘DIE NOW, PROCESS, NO MATTER WHAT!’).

Now, in Windows Explorer, right –click on KILLIE.BAT and choose “Send to Desktop”.

You can change the icon to something meaningful, and you can even drag the shortcut down onto the TaskBar so it is even easier to get to.

“Internet Exploder” froze up? Just click on your shortcut and it’s gone! Now that’s POP --Pragmatism Over Process!