Upgrading to WCF RIA Services v1.0 and Ria Services Toolkit

The kind folks on the Silverlight and RIA Services teams have come out with v1.0 of RIA Services. However, the instructions they provide can be a bit misleading as to “What does what”.

Here’s the skinny:

1) You can download the Silverlight 4 Tools installer, dated 5/13/2010 here. This will uninstall previous interim versions of the SDK, runtime and RIA Services – you do not have to uninstall anything before running it.

2) However, the above WILL NOT refresh the RIA Services Toolkit. That you must uninstall first, and then run the new Toolkit installer, dated 5/14/2010, which is here.

I like the Web Platform Installer, but you can never be absolutely sure what exactly you are getting with it because the installation process is much more opaque than using an MSI installer file. If you use the above two steps, you are pretty much guaranteed to be 100% up to date!

And don’t forget – you can run the tools installer from a DOS prompt with the /x option to extract everything to the folder of your choice and see exactly what you’re getting:  Silverlight4_tools.exe /x