Sociopaths Don't Change

The way of thinking sociopaths have is deeply different from anyone else and thus, their reasons for their abnormal behaviors are vastly different from anyone else's. Generally, they can't be helped as they believe their way of thinking is right.

Remember that although it may not be a person's fault that he or she is a sociopath, this individual is still responsible for his or her actions, and you do not need to fix those issues or damage your own life by staying around.

Remember that it is never your fault.
If someone you know has a sociopathic personality, forgive them the best you can and move on. This can be difficult for a relationship, but the one without the disorder is suggested to try loving them from a protected absentee distance. Not many couples live happy relationships because people don't tend to change from these disorders, but the best thing you can do is try to forgive and move on for your own safety and well-being.
Sociopaths are less prone to emotion and so can use it against others. It is most effective to deal with people in terms they understand; if you must deal with a sociopath, don't get your emotions involved.

Sociopaths are great actors and liars
Sociopaths understands others' emotions but do not care at all.
Unless you are more capable than they are or you are able to see through them right off, avoid them and beware of any influence they have on you.  Realize that the sociopath does not care who gets used or hurt, because sociopaths have no conscience or scruples against taking gross advantage of your kindness and goodwill. A key characteristic of a sociopath is that they can not comprehend that others have feelings or can be hurt by their actions. This is particularly evident in repeat cheating behavior by married men or women seeking short - term gratification outside marriage.

Sociopaths are mental, emotional and psychological terrorists. And just like real terrorists, if they have no weapons, their impact will be minimal.
This message has been brought to you by someone who had a relationship with a sociopath, realized there was something very wrong, and got out of there!