More Pyew from Pew on SPAM

Yah, well Pew Internet and American Life Project has their latest thingy: they say we're not any less annoyed by spam, just more accepting of it.

They say that 53% of adult e-mail users in the United States now say they trust e-mail less because of spam, down from 62 percent a year ago and about the same as a June 2003 Pew survey.
They found that 22 percent of e-mail users say they are spending less time on e-mail because of spam, down from 29 percent last year.
(BTW, the chart below is not from "PEW", but I thought it would be an interesting and informative addition so you can see how SPAM is focused on the member).

Deborah Fallows, a senior research fellow at Pew and the study's author, opines: "This shows some level of tolerance that people are manifesting," and continues "Maybe it's their getting used to it. Maybe it's like other annoying things in life - air pollution, traffic - they are just learning to live with it."

Do you believe this absolute junk they come up with? God, I hope clients aren't actually spending real money to get this trash research, based on a telephone survey of 1,421 Internet users! (looks like they gained 10 people, because the last one I noticed had fewer participants, although you can bet the people they called are all the same ones)

Tolerance, my butt! The technology has been here for a while to put an absolute stop to SPAM and the bandwidth - sucking, time wasting dweebs who purvey it. When the HELL are we gonna put "Me, Me Me" aside and all get together and put these bastards out of business for good? You know, I"ve been using yahoo web - based email (and the Yahoo Pops! local proxy for Outlook) for a long time. Their SPAM Filter is top-notch. What kind of a crappy world do we live in when my daily diet consists of 20 or 25 real emails only to be accompanied by 800 or so SPAMS routed into my junk mail folder? The 419 vigilantes got it right.

I tend to be Conservative on fiscal and other issues, but quite Libertarian on others. The death penalty is one issue. Man shouldn't sink to the level of the creature who commits a heinous crime by executing them. I prefer banishment for spammers. If you aren't familiar with the concept, Napoleon was banished to Elba. There are two kinds:

1) You can never come back here (whereever "here" may be) and if you do, we will capture you and send you away.
2) We will physically take you to a place of banishment (a deserted island, whatever) where you will be allowed to live out your remaining years.

Number two is the one that works just fine for spammers.