GOT BUGS? VS.Net 2005 RTM: The infamous "Bouma Bug", et al

Frans found a particularly nasty one.

There are others:



This is annoying stuff, the Bouma Bug is particularly nasty since the whole concept of a code editor is that you should be able to type anything into it, whether right or wrong. In this particular case it's Intellisense going into an endless loop.
I had no difficulty reproducing this with Frans' sample code block; the instant I attempted to type in an opening brace, the entire IDE froze and I had to kill the process to get back my desktop.

It was actually reported by a user, but it was so late in the RTM release process that they decided to let it go. Of course, there's a workaround for almost everything...

You'll get two schools of thought on this type of thing. I believe that nobody releases perfect software and you have to pick a point at which you are going to release your product with the proviso that you understand what the issues are and will take every step possible to provide fixes, workarounds, or Service Pack(s) as soon as is humanly possible.

The other school would have us wait until mid 2006 to get the product, at which time I can assure you that there will still be bugs of one type or another!

In addition, my Ladybug submission of the "Snapin Failed to Initialize" for the August CTP with the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration Control Panel Applet is STILL BROKEN on my x64 box under RTM, and I've reopened the bug.

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